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Trenolab Analysis and Timetabling Programmes for Optimising Railway Optimisation

Trenolab provides computer programmes that focus on helping railways optimise the quality of operations through a range of services, including long-term network planning and short-term timetable changes.

We collaborate with railway operators, public authorities and infrastructure managers to plan efficient and reliable timetables for optimising schedules, developing franchises and enhancing concession bids.

Railway timetable planning software

TRENOPlus is our timetable planning tool, designed to make use of the latest research in network analysis modelling and algorithms. The timetable process is designed to increase the number of railway vehicles and their reliability.

A macroscopic traffic flow model is incorporated into the package, along with the trenissimo microscopic model to provide information on estimated running times to plan railway timetables in detail.

The microscopic model displays line and station usage based on predicted headway times, in addition to automatically estimating the times from the position of signals. It shows results as a graphic timetable with blocking time steps.

Our tool is based on a scalable database management system that can be used on networks with any number of vehicles, from urban metros to high-speed and mixed-traffic railways.

Software for railway traffic data analysis

The TRENOanalysis programme is used to identify and measure the causes and effects of delays in railway traffic. It allows planners to develop effective measures to enhance the quality of railway services and existing timetables.

Real and simulated traffic data can be viewed using the tool, in addition to highlighting critical points and estimating reliability indicators. TRENOanalysis displays data in a range of diagrams and tables.

Simulation programme for train timetabling and operations

Our Trenissimo tool aims to make railway simulations intuitive, accurate and effective with its advanced smart user interface and ability to fully consider everyday factors that can affect operations. Trenissimo can be easily integrated into our TRENO programmes for quick setup.

The programme provides realistic representations of traffic management, train drivers and impact of passengers on stop times. These factors are important for simulating complex train networks, including metro systems. The tool evaluates timetables and infrastructure investments to determine the advantages and flaws of railway networks to optimise their operations.

TRENOexport is our solution for fast and accurate micro-simulations using OpenTrack™ with minimal errors even for large networks. It features smart algorithms and an intuitive interface with a powerful database. TRENOexport automatically chooses the datasets and parameters that are required for an OpenTrack simulation when the model is created.

Combined railway infrastructure and service planning

The joint development of railway timetables and networks allows planners to outline the required improvements for effective operation of the expected services without incurring additional costs.

The high cost and low flexibility of network resources combined with complex operations require planners to design systems with a high level of detail. Network improvements must be planned to enter service quickly for an economic return, with a reasonable cost and ability to be further improved at a low cost.

For high-accuracy results, we use the ‘planning loop’ approach when developing drafts of timetables and infrastructure plans. This involves developing and validating timetable scenarios and simulation models following the analysis of current operations. The models are then used to assess alternative options and the results are analysed to further optimise the railway network.

Infrastructure planning for optimised railway operations

In order to effectively plan the railway infrastructure, accurate high-quality timetables need to be used to ensure the minimum amount of required capacity is provided to support planned traffic with the expected disruption level.

We balance construction costs with operating requirements, supporting planners with a range of infrastructure developments from small quick fixes to long-term network investments.

To create highly effective investment plans, we plan and analyse alternatives, as well as consider trade-offs between capacity and reliability.

Train timetable robustness modelling solution

Trenolab offers timetable robustness modelling to minimise the effect of delays on operating costs and customer satisfaction. Our approach uses an advanced predictive micro-simulation to recreate traffic conditions with a high number of possible operational delays.

Our method has been used in a variety of networks to support tasks that include estimating reliability and capacity, comparing performance, and assessing the effects of delays across the network.

Analysis of railway operations

Working on more than 20 studies and using the TRENOanalysis tool has provided us with the experience to offer comprehensive operations analysis for reliable railway services, which can improve customer satisfaction and increase vehicle capacity.

We can combine track-circuit, on-board train monitoring and ticketing information using big data analysis techniques to highlight flaws with the network. These problems are then attributed to processes, the timetable, rolling stock or other infrastructure.

Clients are provided with solutions for problems within the network, as well as useful data such as diagrams. Proposed changes can be simulated to estimate their effect in overcoming any issues.

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TRENOlab srls

Via Maniacco 7/A

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+39 0481 30031 www.trenolab.com

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