As a company that combines deep knowledge of railway operations with cutting edge software development, Trenolab is uniquely suited to helping helps clients use data to improve operations and system management.

A typical study consists of examining existing data, collecting new data when necessary, combining data sources to better understand problems, using our TRENOanalysis tools and customised software to analyse and visualise data, and working closely with clients to develop solutions and improvements. Solutions could be as simple as a small timetable change or as complex as long-term infrastructure plans.

For example, we combine track-circuit, on-board train monitoring and ticketing information using big data analysis techniques to highlight network problems. These problems are then attributed to processes, the timetable, rolling stock or other infrastructure.

We provide clients with recommended solutions, useful data such as diagrams, and software customised for their needs. We analyse and test solutions with our Trenissimo railway simulation software to help refine them and fully describe their benefits.

Trenolab has successfully completed over 20 railway data analysis studies and can use this experience to offer comprehensive operations analysis for reliable railway services, which can improve customer satisfaction and increase railway revenues, for example, through more efficient use of rolling stock.