Concessions are increasingly used to encourage competition in the railway industry.

The infrastructure owner, often a government agency, issues a call for proposals seeking bids from independent companies to operate railway service. In some cases, companies submit unsolicited bids to operate service.

Trenolab helps independent companies prepare highly competitive concession bids. The key objective in preparing a successful bid is maximising the number of trains that can be operated without sacrificing punctuality (since many contracts have performance penalties based on delay). This requires explicitly analysing trade-offs between the quantity and quality of service. Our TRENOanalysis software is ideally suited to this type of analysis.

Preparing a concession bid is an intense and complicated process. Trenolab has helped several clients prepare successful bids using our ability to perform high quality analysis under time pressure.

An important success factor is that we use our own TRENOanalysis software, this provides deep knowledge and the ability to quickly revise the software to account for new competitive situations or requirements.