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Turnkey Solutions for Automatic People Counting

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Acorel specialises in automatic people counting (APC) systems for the retail and transport sector.

The company provides intelligent solutions with data capture and analysis capabilities, as well as maintenance services.

Acorel offers two types of APC technology that have been specifically designed to meet the specific requirements of the transport industry.

Onboard 3D stereoscopic sensor for tracking passenger movement

The 3D stereoscopic sensor is an onboard system that uses stereoscopic imaging to map a defined area and track human movement. This highly advanced technology only requires one sensor per access point, and has a precision rate of more than 98%.

Acorel’s unique sensors can directly record and compile videos via a single machine installed on each vehicle to prove the accuracy.

Laser-based APC technologies for train stations

Based on the time-of-flight principle, the laser sensor is reserved for static applications, such as doors at train stations, shopping centres, theatres, ports or airports.

This technology measures the exact distance between the sensor (transmitter) and the people in its field of vision (target). The sensor carries out vertical counting with more than 98% accuracy, even in complete darkness.

APC systems for identifying retail opportunities at train stations

Depending on the client’s business, APC solutions can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as combating fraud, providing real-time information to passengers, managing transport networks, and fairly distributing revenue.

The solutions also help clients to create targets for future marketing campaigns, identify the best zones for shopping areas, and manage human resources with regards to passenger traffic.

Data processing and reports for APC systems

Acorel has developed two software applications, Focus Onboard and Focus Static, in order to transform the data captured by APC systems into simple, yet detailed, reports.

The applications can be installed locally or on the cloud, and are accessible from any PC via an internet browser. Users are identified with a username and password to prevent unauthorised entry.

The software’s ergonomic and intuitive design enables quick and easy access to a wide range of reports, which can be selected based on a number of criteria, such as date, hour, line and vehicle.

Users can integrate external data, as well as swiftly identify trends and patterns based on a history of previous reports. These can then be exported into a variety of common file formats, such as Excel or CSV, or automatically emailed to the user.

About Acorel

Acorel is a leading provider of APC systems, having installed 42,000 in more than 20 countries. Established in 1989, the company has offices in France, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, the UK and Australia.

Originally working in the engineering and R&D sector, the business soon focused its attention on APC solutions with its first contract for the City of Lyon. The company’s first project outside of France came in 2001 for London’s Docklands light railway, and its London office was opened in 2010.

Over 25 years, Acorel has supported international clients, including Hitachi, Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP), SNCF Transilien, Keolis, Alstom and Bombardier Transportation.

High-Precision Sensors for Automatic People Counting

Acorel's solutions count the number of people moving through access points at railway stations. The high-precision sensors are capable of detecting several people walking through access points at once (bidirectional counting), offering highly accurate data for analysis.

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