Acorel provides high-accuracy queue management and predictive waiting time systems through its innovative counting technology based on LIDAR sensors.

Technical solution

The LIDAR sensor technology is equivalent to the radar technology but for the light detection instead of radio. It operates in the infrared spectrum (non-visible light).

Our LIDAR sensors perform fast scanning and return obstacles and targets distance up to 30m with an accuracy of 2cm. This fast 3D scanning process allows a precise detection of people and of their movements in any type of environments.

Several LIDAR sensors are grouped together to easily cover large areas such as check-in zones, queuing areas, waiting rooms.

Coupled with high-accuracy in and out counting sensors at the end of the queuing zone, our system calculates predictive waiting time, and can also provide individual tracking information and heat mapping of the monitored area.

The main advantages of this solution are:

  • Large area coverage with very few sensors
  • Total independence from environment (light, sun, etc…)
  • Adapted to both low and high ceilings
  • Precise detection
  • Individual tracking

Acorel provides the complete architecture including sensors and dedicated servers and web-based and mobile application for your applications.


The Queue Management and Predictive Waiting Time System can be used in different places such as:

  • Airports
  • Passport control areas
  • Check-in zones
  • Security checking areas
  • Duty-free zones
  • Train stations
  • Ticket offices
  • Platforms
  • Shopping centres and shops

It brings accurate and significant information to address:

  • Staff management optimisation
  • Customer experience improvement
  • Passenger information
  • Efficient passenger flow
  • Checkout resources allocation