After 85 years serving North America’s railroads with rail fastening systems Unit Rail has proven its commitment to the rail transport industry and to what it believes is a vital and growing global fastener market. Today Unit Rail has extended its reach into international markets with technology that meets or exceeds the demands of the world’s passenger and freight railroads.

Rail anchors, resilient fasteners, anti-friction pads and insulators

Unit Rail now provides a wide range of rail anchors, resilient fasteners, anti-friction pads and insulators designed for both heavy-haul freight and high-speed railroads. For light rail and transit operators Unit Rail’s advanced track products (ATP) division offers a broad variety of direct fixation, cushioning, and ride control products. Our engineers are constantly working to refine and enhance the product line to keep ahead of the changing demands of the world’s railways.

Rail anchors for wooden-sleeper track

Since the 1920s Unit has been the first name in rail anchors worldwide with nearly a billion manufactured and installed. Unit’s rail anchors have underpinned conventional ballasted track under heavy axle load conditions and in all climatic zones.

With the addition of its elastic fastener tie plate/clip systems in 2008 renowned Unit quality and performance is now available for every timber crosstie/sleeper application.

Unit Rail rail anchors.
Our elastic fastening systems for rails.
Our elastic fastening systems for rails.

Tie-captive fastening system for concrete and steel-sleeper track

With a variety of clip/pad designs to handle everything from passenger trains to heavy-haul freight trains, Unit Rail offers its Unit One tie-captive fastening system for concrete and steel sleeper applications. This durable system provides better track dynamics and lower ongoing maintenance with emphasis on controlling rail seat integrity.

Unit Rail manual applicator and removal tools make installations easier and safer, and its fastening systems are compatible with most automated track machinery.

Fastening and cushioning systems for track

Our ATP division is a leader in the design and production of DF fastening and cushioning systems used by major rail transportation companies in bridge, tunnel, elevated and surface-transit applications. ATP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unit Rail.

ISO-certified producer of rail fastening systems

Unit Rail is a holding of Amsted Rail company, a well-recognized high-quality manufacturer and an ISO 9002 and AAR M1003-certified supplier to the world’s railways.