Weighing and controls equipment is crucial for the safe movement of rail, as well as the maintenance of the railway infrastructure. Train weighing equipment is used to weigh bogies, axles, and full trains to ensure they are well-balanced.

Control equipment helps in monitoring and controlling train movements for their safe passage and prevention of derailments and collisions. 

Finding suppliers of weighing and controls equipment

Railway Technology has listed some of the leading providers and suppliers of train weighing equipment and train control systems, based on its experience in the sector. 

The list contains manufacturers and distributors of portable scales, depot equipment, automatic train and vehicle weighing systems, non-contact measuring systems, train in-motion weighing systems, automatic train control devices, automatic train stop devices, automatic train operating devices, over-run protection systems, level crossing gate control equipment, and more.

The list also includes information on the service providers of railway engineering tests, fast-track rail inspection, measuring, and monitoring. 

The information provided in the download is useful for railway executives, engineers, managers, suppliers, and others involved in the operations of the railway industry.

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Weighing and control in high-speed rail systems 

High-speed rail is a rapidly expanding new mode of transport. Building and maintaining tracks that allow high-speed rail travel requires sophisticated equipment and systems. The system combines high-speed wheel-rail technology, highly reliable brake technology, and powerful traction technology for safe railway operations

Advanced high-speed rail weigh-in-motion train equipment, high-speed train bogie weighing systems, and other equipment is required for the correct weight and balance distribution of a high-speed rail. Their operations will also depend on track or site conditions and rolling stock. 

Traction power supply system and train control systems should be continuously upgraded for smoother and safer high-speed performance.