The complex and demanding railway transportation sector requires computer hardware and software that is secure, durable and offers high performance. The evolving technologies in the sector have given rise to embedded solutions and platforms that seamlessly integrate both computer hardware and software.

Train control and monitoring systems (TCMS) used in railways, for example, are critical for the efficient control of the train and ensure the safety of passengers. An effective TCMS should enable the effective control and monitoring of all the sub-systems such as doors, brakes, lighting, passenger information systems (PIS) and video surveillance.

Top railway information software and computer hardware suppliers

Railway Technology has listed some of the top manufacturers and suppliers of computer hardware and software, and control and monitoring systems for railways. The list includes suppliers of computer systems for railways, wireless technology solutions, communication and safety solutions, railway signalling software, video surveillance systems, train management systems, and embedded solutions and software.

Also discover the leading suppliers of automatic railway control systems, computers for automation and control, lighting control systems, train monitoring and recording systems, and rolling stock and asset monitoring software and systems.

The information contained within the download document is designed for electronics maintenance engineers, railway project managers, railway signalling managers, railway infrastructure managers and railway software engineers.

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Railway information software and hardware used by operators

Railway operators use software and hardware to perform a range of functions, including, but not limited to:

  • Site control and inspection
  • Computer-aided simulation and visualisation of assets
  • Asset management
  • Monitoring of rolling stock and other devices
  • Passenger management
  • Implementation of railway infrastructure projects
  • Train automation
  • Fleet planning and management
  • Public announcement

The chosen computer software and hardware should have certain key attributes such as simplicity and flexibility that enables mid-life upgrades and retrofits, apart from stability in terms of durable design based on the latest technology.

The importance of railway signalling software

Railway signalling software is critical for the smooth and safe functioning of trains and the prevention of route conflicts. Computer-based and electronic interlocking systems and electronic crossing controllers in railway signalling need to meet the highest levels of safety and reliability by effectively controlling signals and track switches.

The systems also need to be adaptable and flexible to meet the varying requirements of train movements based on customer requirements.

Automatic railway control system for trains

Automatic control systems for trains use real-time monitoring and communications software to track the movements and location of trains and ensure safety. Control systems help in avoiding train collisions by alerting train operators to maintain a safe distance. They also perform functions such as line speed enforcement and implementation of speed restrictions.