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Ceri Jones

Future Rail: Issue 49

In this issue: Learning from European HSR design, a corridor to the Baltic states, inner city rail construction, the Texas bullet, driver only trains, shaking up rail fares, and more

Future Rail: Issue 48

In this issue: Onboard Japan’s luxury sleeper, China’s high-speed rail transfer policy and direct rail freight for the UK, the unlikely success of monorails, GE’s trainsets for India, Stuttgart’s new station, and more.

Future Rail: Issue 47

In this issue: Exporting Japan’s bullet train, what it takes to drive Virgin Trains’ new Azuma, Sydney Metro’s growth spurt, solar-powered trains, engines of tomorrow, combating fake tickets, and more.

Future Rail: Issue 46

In this issue: Amtrak and Uber unite for the last mile, open access passenger services, HS2’s second stage, using drones for accident investigations, e-tickets in the Apple Wallet, passenger security, and more.

Future Rail: Issue 44

In this issue: The major cities reclaiming disused tracks, China backs Russian rail, Europe’s uniform signalling, transforming Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor, on-board infotainment, Network Rail and the Shaw report, operational excellence, and more.

Future Rail: Issue 43

In this issue: Privately owned US rail, Crossrail’s Bentley software, Jakarta’s mass rapid transit system, the digital train inspired by Hyperloop, body camera on trial for rail security, the National Training Academy for Rail one year on, and more

Future Rail: Issue 42

In this issue: Alstom’s double-decker trains for HS2, a futuristic plane-to-train pod concept, outcomes of the US Millennial Trains Project, Fujitsu’s digital railway technologies, the feasibility of crowdfunding rail projects, safety-checking driverless freight trains, and more.

Future Rail: Issue 41

In this issue: Tackling violence against transport workers, dealing with climate change, timber asset management and carbon neutral cargo, and the tech transforming network protection, landslide prediction, inspections, onboard entertainment and more.

Future Rail: Issue 40

In this issue: Rio de Janeiro prepares for transport during the Olympics, impact of the Shaw Report, Queensland’s Cross River Rail, Bombardier in India, German state aiming for full hydrogen power, Transport for London’s open data programme, and more.

Future Rail: Issue 39

In this issue: Building the first hyperloop system in Slovakia, the Lyon-Turin high-speed rail project, British Transport Police’s sexual offence unit, Scotland’s push on rail freight markets, planting trackside habitats, New York’s new Oculus station, and more.