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Andrew Tunnicliffe

Horizon 2020: a look at the EU’s flagship rail projects

As it reaches its final year, Horizon 2020 continues to support research and innovation projects across the European Union. How has it helped advance the bloc’s rail infrastructure, what have its successes been and what more can be expected?

The life and times of two very different mountain railways

Remote, technologically difficult and hard to run, the challenges for mountain railways are significant, varied and sometimes unpredictable. We take a look at Snowdon Mountain Railways and Cairngorm funicular railway, considering their very different pasts and contrasting futures.

The mission for biodiversity on the UK’s rail network

With as many as 13 million trees within falling distance of its rails, the UK’s rail network operator, Network Rail, faces a difficult balancing act when it comes to maintaining both rail safety and biodiversity. Here is a look at how the company plans to meet newly-introduced targets whilst maintaining safety and facilitating growth.

Very light rail: new project brings long- held aspiration closer to reality

A project to develop a very light rail system in one of the UK’s major cities is moving forward with the development of an innovative composite braided and woven frame. Andrew Tunnicliffe talks with one of the developers about the other significant innovations being used in this first-of-its-kind venture.

Timeline: Europe’s dream for a single railway, two decades in

Since the early 1990s, Europe’s political leaders have sought to standardise and integrate the transport network – including air, road and rail. A decade later, regulations had been drafted, amended and implemented with member states beginning work on interoperability. Here is a look at the significant events of the past two decades and how they have impacted on the European Union’s passenger and freight networks.