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Metrom Rail provides cutting-edge sensor and information technologies, as well as collision avoidance solutions, roadway worker protection, passenger rail control overlays, and wayside monitoring systems.

Collision avoidance and productivity solutions for the rail sector

The AURA system provides collision avoidance and productivity services for maintenance-of-way and hi-rail vehicles. The system has revolutionised the concept of collision avoidance since its deployment in 2012.

With the introduction of the AURA productivity module in 2016, the solution now offers telematics functionality that allows users to monitor the efficiency and location of assets.

Through the use of advanced ultra-wide band (UWB) ranging technology, the AURA system has proven to be one of the most effective collision avoidance tools on the market.

Customers are provided with online reporting structures that contain information related to collision avoidance, or productivity functions derived from the AURA system.

CBTC alternatives and overlays

The Metrom Rail passenger rail control system (PRCS) is a train control overlay solution that adds communications-based train control (CBTC) features to a standard block-style system at a reduced cost and implementation time.

The PRCS system does not require any system changes that would adversely affect throughput. Its modular, additive design also enables installation while the system is off, so as not to affect normal operation.

The PRCS specifically prevents train-to-train collisions, over-speed derailments, incursions into established work zones, incorrect station berthing positions, and movements through switches in their improper position.

Additionally, the solution integrates automatically with the Metrom Rail roadway worker protection system (RWPS).

Wearable worker warning systems

Metrom Rail recently unveiled a new RWPS, which is the result of the years of development and optimisation of RF design. The system has accurate and reliable alarm performance.

The company provides a wearable worker module, which is equipped with light-emitting diodes (LED), a digital speaker, and a vibration core.

The module communicates directly with a train or vehicle-equipped user interface to alert the operator of workers ahead, as well as identify how many there are.

The wearable units feature a completely sealed design and inductive battery charging, as well as download field data to retrieve log files.

A wayside module can be used to detect vehicles entering a specific work zone.

Both wearable and vehicle units offer downloadable log files for training or incident review.

Wayside monitoring systems for railway tracks

The SenTrack system detects natural events, such as rockslides or washouts.

SenTrack is designed to automatically monitor the areas susceptible to these events and remotely warn customers of dangerous conditions are detected.

Of the many possible sensors that can be deployed at a SenTrack site, track integrity sensors monitor the state of the ballast or track positions for movement outside an assigned null zone.

Temperature sensors monitor peaks or valleys that may contribute to a malformation of track, while derailment sensors detect any derailed wheel prior to a track feature such as a curve or bridge.

Customised solutions for the railway industry

Metrom Rail provides advanced, cost-effective railway sensor solutions.

The company offers a complete turnkey process in designing, manufacturing, servicing, and supporting products that provide unique functionality and high return on investment.

Metrom Rail product lines are tailor-made for each specific customer application. In many cases, a single product line might vary based on individual needs and expectations.

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The AURA Collision Avoidance and Productivity System 12 January 2017 The Metrom Rail AURA Collision Avoidance and Productivity System (CAS) is designed to safeguard maintenance of way equipment and hi-rail vehicles and their operators by providing advanced warning of violations in spacing regulations.