Vinci and HOCHTIEF have been awarded the design and build contract for the Sydhavn Metro Line. Image courtesy of Vinci.
The new line will be integrated into the Copenhagen metro network by early-2024.
The new line at Ny Ellebjerg station will offer connection to S-train and regional train services. Image courtesy of Smiley.toerist.

Sydhavn Metro Line is a 4.4km-long underground line under construction in the Sydhavn area in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is an extension of Copenhagen Metro’s Line 4 (M4).

Scheduled to be opened in 2024, the extension aims to meet the transport needs of the city’s growing population.

Metroselskabet will be executing the project in collaboration with the municipal authorities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

The new line is estimated to handle approximately 43,000 passenger movements a day, while the annual passenger traffic is estimated to be 15.5 million.

Sydhavn metro line details

The Sydhavn Metro Line was approved by the Danish Parliament in February 2015 as part of the Copenhagen municipality’s strategy to develop the Sydhavn area.

Connecting the Nordhavn line and Cityringen, the line will have five new stations around the port of Copenhagen and the neighbourhood of Sydhavnen.

The project involves the construction of 4.4km of dual tunnels with an internal diameter of 4.9m and an external diameter of 5.5m. The tunnels will be constructed using two earth-pressure tunnel boring machines (TBMs).

Electrical, mechanical and tunnel ventilation systems, as well as interior architectural works, will be included as part of the project.

The Sydhavn Metro project is designed to maintain the same principles of the existing Copenhagen metro lines, but features advanced aesthetic and architectural qualities that are missing from previous designs.


The new line along with M4 will offer seamless connections to Cityringen, M1, M2 and M3 lines. The Cityringen is a 15.5km-long underground main ring metro line under construction, scheduled for completion by June 2019. It will include 17 new stations between Copenhagen Central and Enghave Plads.

“A Vinci Construction Grands Projets and HOCHTIEF Infrastructure joint venture was awarded the €460m ($566m) design and build contract for the Sydhavn Metro Line project in February 2018.”

Cityringen will be connected with Nordhavn extension by early-2020, while the Sydhavn extension and its five metro stations will become part of the Copenhagen metro network by early-2024.

Sydhavn metro line routes and stations

The Sydhavn extension of Line 4 will connect the south of Copenhagen with the main ring line. The project employs advanced 3D-modelling techniques in various phases of development, right from its bidding phase.

New stations will be located at Fisketorvet, Enghave Brygge, Sluseholmen, Mozarts Plads, and Ny Ellebjerg, where passengers can access S-train and regional train services.

Underground stations will feature modern art, with textured pastel paint covering the walls to reflect light. The new stations will also feature wider main stairs with escalators.

Each metro station will have its own original features and offer a unique travel experience. Artwork includes mega sculptures or mythological murals and modern light installations.

Unique art at the proposed metro stations aims to express various cultural influences. It is being sponsored by the Obel Family Foundation and the Danish Arts Foundation, as well as grants from the Villum Fonden.

Contractors involved

A Vinci Construction Grands Projets and HOCHTIEF Infrastructure joint venture was awarded the €460m ($566m) design and build contract for the Sydhavn Metro Line project in February 2018. HOCHTIEF will operate as the technical lead of the joint venture.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects designed the five new metro stations at Sydhavn line. It collaborated with COWI, Systra and Arkitema Architects to provide the design.

SuperFlex and René Schmidt secured the contract to decorate the stations according to design specifications.