The Haneda Airport Access Line will reduce the journey time between the Haneda Airport and the Tokyo station. Credit: WikiTaro/Wikimedia Commons.
The Haneda Airport Access Line is expected to open in 2032. Credit: East Japan Railway Company.
The project will include the construction of a track between the Tokyo Freight terminal and the Haneda Airport New Station. Credit: D700master at Japanese Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons.

A new railway line, provisionally named Haneda Airport Access Line, is being developed to provide direct access to the Haneda Airport from central Tokyo, Japan.

East Japan Railway (JR East), a passenger railway operator, began construction of the new line in June 2023.

The new railway line will offer direct access to the airport from different directions using the existing railway network.

JR East received authorisation from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for infrastructure modifications for the East Yamanote route, as well as construction work for the new airport access rail line in January and March 2023, respectively.

The project is estimated to involve a construction cost of ¥280bn ($2.1bn), including ¥70bn ($502m) for the construction of a tunnel. The project is expected to be opened in 2032.

Haneda Airport Access Line Location

The new rail line will run from the Tokyo freight terminal to a new underground station at the Haneda Airport. The new station, which is tentatively named Haneda Airport New Station, will be built between terminals 1 and 2.

Haneda Airport Access Line project details

The plans include a new access line connecting the airport with the Tokyo Freight terminal. The project has three proposed branches, namely the East Yamanote route for connection to Tokyo station, the West Yamanote route linking Shinjuku station and the Coastal Route from Shin-Kiba station.

The project will include the extension of an existing freight line to the airport, renovation of the track on the freight line and modification of certain sections.

The East Yamanote route and the new access line are being built using the Oshio line’s existing bridges, viaducts and other buildings. The Oshio line has been in disuse since 1998.

Haneda Airport New Station details

The Haneda Airport New Station will be built underground with one island platform and two tracks.

To be located on the first basement level, the platform will measure 12m wide and 310m long. Travellers will be able to access Terminal 2 without going to a different level.

Haneda Airport Access Line construction details

Construction will cover a 12.4km section between Minato-ku Shibaura ittyome and Ota-ku Haneda Airport 3-chome.

For the new access line section, a 4.2km-long, 50m-deep double-track shield tunnel will be built for the new track between the Tokyo Freight Terminal and the new station at the airport. It will pass under public buildings, highways and waterways.

Construction on the airport island will include shield and cut-and-cover tunnels.

A section will be established to link the Oshio line and the Tokaido line by constructing cut-and-cover and shield tunnels between the Tokaido line’s in-bound and out-bound tracks on the side of Tamachi station closer to Tokyo station.

The Yamanote line’s draw-out track will be removed and its outer track will be relocated to facilitate the construction of the tunnels for the Tokaido line connection section. The Tokaido line in-bound track and the Keihin-Tohoku line south-bound track will also be relocated.

The Oshio Line rehabilitation work will make efficient use of existing bridges, viaducts and other infrastructure. Ground, track and electrical facilities will be repaired and upgraded, as needed, following an inspection.

A car storage track and maintenance base track will be built on the 23,000m² plot of land owned by JR East in the Tokyo Freight terminal.

Benefits of the airport access line

The project is expected to improve the operations of Haneda Airport, which is growing in importance due to increased passenger demand.

It will provide a direct connection from the airport to several stations including Tokyo, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro.

The rail journey from Tokyo station to Haneda Airport currently takes 30 minutes, while the new line will reduce the same to 18 minutes and eliminate the need for passengers to change trains.

The new airport access line will also reduce travel time from the Utsunomiya, Takasaki and Joban lines to the Haneda Airport.