Cambridge New North Railway Station

Network Rail is developing the new Cambridge New North railway station in the Chesterton area, north of Cambridge, UK, in collaboration with the Cambridgeshire County Council to create a new transportation hub providing links to transport routes for cyclists, pedestrians and bus users.

Part of Network Rail’s £40bn ($56.85bn) Railway Upgrade Plan, the £50m ($71m) railway station is expected to open in May 2017.

"The £50m ($71m) railway station is expected to open in May 2017."

The project infrastructure and multidisciplinary design will be provided by Network Rail and Atkins, while the county council will provide the transport links to the station.

Cambridge New North railway station design

The proposed railway station will include a 4,843ft² station building, three platforms and a parking area for 1,000 bicycles and 450 cars. It will include solar panels that will meet up to 10% of the station’s power needs.

A key design feature of the new station is a perforated pattern in its rain screen cladding, which has been derived from the Conway’s ‘Game of Life’. The main station building will have a green roof.

It will also include passenger waiting facilities, toilets, staffed ticket office, shop units, amenity space and rail staff accommodation. It also provides covered platform waiting areas with modern communication and security equipments. A dedicated area will be provided for taxi pick-up and drops.

The railway station includes two 245m-long mainline platforms for stopping rail services and capable of accommodating a 12-car train. A bay platform will also be constructed for terminating and starting the rail services.

The station building will be two-storeyed, while a third storey will provide access to an elevated 43m-long over line crossing. The height of the station building will be 6.9m and will increase to 10.35m, including the third storey level.

The exit from the station building leads to a large (50m x 29m) public space and a covered cycle storage area to the south of the station with a 6m-high tooth roofline accommodating solar panels on the transparent roof.

Connectivity of Cambridge New North railway station

Linking Cambridge’s major business areas to London with a journey time of 30 minutes, the new station will transform it into an attractive place for business growth. An estimated 3,000 passenger journeys are expected a day through the new station.

The proposed transport links to the Busway will make the railway station accessible to the passengers living in Huntingdon, St. Ives, Swavesey and Histon and also help in avoiding the drive along congested A14 and A10 routes. The station will also connect the Cambridge Science Park, St John’s Innovation Centre and the Cambridge Business Park.

The project establishes a high-quality public square, pedestrian and cycle access routes, Busway link extensions from Milton Road to the station, and vehicle access via Cowley Road.


The UK Department for Transport has granted £6m ($9m) for building new links and improving the existing transport links to the station.

The station construction will be funded by a separate grant from the Department of Transport to Network Rail.

Contractors involved

Atkins has been contracted to provide services such as planning, architecture, civil and structural engineering, railway engineering systems, building services, environmental and landscape architecture.