Toilet Door Lock

Pickersgill-Kaye supplies toilet door locks to a huge amount of rolling stock, and has done since the 19th century.

Over the years the toilet door lock has evolved from a simple latch with separate locking bolt, to a lock that combines the latch and locking mechanism in one unit.

The toilet door lock of today is both easy to fit and, due to over 100 years of design and development is highly reliable.

The company’s latest design of lock is fitted with an external indicator. This gives a visual alert as to whether the toilet is engaged or vacant.

The lock is also fitted with an override mechanism, which in an emergency can be opened using a standard square key. Also supplied with the lock is a striker plate that incorporates a micro-switch. The switch is activated when the door is locked and can be used to provide a signal to an engaged / vacant display which can be remotely located from the toilet.

Where required, the handles and locking knob can be supplied in a colour to suit the vehicle interior and the lock can easily be adapted to accommodate different door construction and thicknesses.

Pickersgill-Kaye also manufactures toilet door locks for sliding door applications.