RAM / LCC is becoming more and more important in larger railway tenders, becoming one of the decisive factors in the awarding of contracts. Not achieving agreed RAM / LCC data is often contractually highly penalised. It’s a fact that often small or medium-sized companies have nothing to set against the expertise of Bombardier, Siemens or Alstom.

All the system integrators have hired high-profile experts long time ago, to hedge the risk to their own customers or to ensure that a large part of their risk is fairly passed on to their suppliers. Those who are not really paying attention to RAM / LCC already in the contract negotiations or underestimate the topic of RAM / LCC during the development phase could end up facing extremely high failure costs.

As usual in the IRIS Academy, we will share our best knowledge first-hand with you. In line with our credo "The Best for the Best in the Rail Industry", we engaged Ulf Kjellsson from Sweden.

Ulf Kjellsson has the following experience:

  • More than 35 years experience in the rail industry
  • Many years head of CoC RAM / LCC at Bombardier
  • Member of the UNIFE RAM working group,
  • One of the RAM / LCC ‘gurus’ in the rail industry

Key companies that have participated in the course include Bombardier Transportation, SAR, Deutsche Bahn, CSR-MNG, and SBB.

For more information, including schedule, price list and registration templates for the course, please visit the CC-Rail website.