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Railway and Metro Tunnel Repeater Solution


Radio systems for railway tunnels are extremely complex. Whether it is the train staff, the emergency services personnel or the train passengers, everyone needs to be supplied with mobile communications. This means that multiple radio networks are required to operate alongside each other.

The COMLAB repeater system is a multi-operator and multi-band radio coverage system which is able to combine radio distress and safety systems (TETRA, TETRAPOL), global systems for mobile communications on railways (GSM-R) and public mobile telecommunications systems (GSM, UMTS, LTE) with one another, and to simultaneously protect them against mutual sources of interference.

Possible combinations of communications systems include:

  • Radio distress and safety systems for the police, fire brigade, emergency services, armed forces and civil protection, and national border forces
  • Global systems for mobile communications on railways (GSM-R) for railway companies, metro operators, public authorities and security services
  • Public mobile telecommunications systems for metro operators, railway companies and mobile telecommunications operators

Benefits of the COMLAB railway and metro tunnel repeater solution include:

  • Highly modular and expandable
  • Combination of different technologies in one communications system
  • High reliability thanks to a completely redundant system
  • High power efficiency
  • Complies with train driving and train control systems (for example, ETCS or CTCS)
  • Data exchange in real time (even at speeds of more than 400km/h)
  • Web-based operation and maintenance control system (COSweb)
  • Remote control

COMLAB’s product portfolio includes the single-band GSM-R repeater, the multi-band repeater and radio cable systems (such as feeder cables and antennas), as well as off-air, air-link and fibre-optic repeater components.

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