The stationary RailPoint Exhaust Extraction System with vertically adjustable extractor hoods has proved itself through simplicity, reliability and the highest price-performance efficiency.

Blaschke Umwelttechnik offers a system to be integrated fast and easily that is a needs-based solution for all maintenance facilities, in which one rail car type or a specific train configuration of vehicles is always serviced at the same place. The extraction units are usually attached to the hall structure. Existing overhead lines or cranes can be avoided considering a sufficient safety distance.

The fixed extraction units are connected to flexible high-temperature hoses that allow to raise and lower the hood. The extractor hood is placed directly on the exhaust of the train set or locomotive and captures all fumes in a safe and secure way.

The necessary volume flow is provided by high-performance, low-noise fans – mounted in the hall or outside on the wall or on the roof – and an elaborate piping system in the corresponding nominal diameter, channeling the fumes safely from the extraction point forwards to the flue outlet. The air in the hall is kept clean and fresh.