The RailBridge-Crane Exhaust Extraction System is suitable for providing large buildings with crane systems.

Whether a new crane is added, or a crane is already existing, it is always possible to install the exhaust extraction system on the present structure and it is not necessary to alter the workplace to accommodate it.

Individual exhaust extraction solutions are built to be mounted on the single or double girder of the customers’ crane system. They are mainly composed of aluminum extraction rails closed by rubber seals, extractor hood assemblies and an elaborated duct system leading to one or more extractor fans that are mostly placed outside on the roof.

The bridges travelling the length of the crane runway ensure, together with their extraction rails and mobile trolleys, a secure control over the entire length and width of the complete installation. The systems come with a different number of extraction units and individually shaped extractor hoods to meet customer requirements.

RailBridge-Crane solutions are simple to operate by radio remote control or by automatic mode. In the automatic mode, just one button must be pressed to move the extractor hood to the desired exhaust stack.