Imagine offering your passengers on-demand blockbuster movies and other video programmes just like in the business class of long-distance aeroplane flights or entertaining them with a customised playlist of their favourite music videos from the world’s biggest artists. Think of their added convenience and peace of mind if you can provide them with real-time information about their next train connection and individual travel plans.

And now, imagine you could offer all of these amenities without having to completely refurbish your cabins and install a costly on-board infotainment system in every single seat!

With Media4Rail this scenario is not a pipe dream. By using your passengers’ own laptops, handheld, mobile phone or tablet PC devices, you can offer them the same level of luxury and comfort in entertainment they are already enjoying in their home and on other luxury travel options, such as cruise ships.

Media4Rail has all the functionalities of a modern on-board entertainment system and much more. In addition to video-on-demand, it offers passengers a variety of services, such as music-on-demand, breaking news updates, current weather forecasts and real-time information about train connections and travel routes.

Media4Rail is also easy to operate because it is lightweight, non-intrusive, quickly integrated, and managed by a central server. Because the system is self-sustaining, it can operate with or without a connection to a content management system via the internet. Synchronisation of user data with your CRM system or payment system is carried out automatically.