Project management for the rail industry

Small and medium-sized companies are often overwhelmed by the high demands of IRIS project management requirements. We will show you how to initiate projects with the right sense of proportion, as well as how to plan and carry out projects, and how limited resources should be used efficiently. Through this course you will learn how to meet the requirements of IRIS chapter 7.7 safely, without major additional investments, and how to minimise project risks.

This four-day course is aimed at project managers and team members from various functions, such as project buyers, controllers, and quality managers. In numerous case studies, we will explore in-depth rail industry problems. More than 290 managers evaluated this course with 97% satisfaction.

You will get a certificate issued by the IRIS Academy, which is well known in the railway industry for its high training standards.

Your teacher, Andreas Heinzmann, has the following qualifications:

  • More than 30 years experiences in the rail industry
  • Many years head of quality in Bombardier
  • Andreas was ten years core team member of various rolling stock and consortium projects
  • Member of the IRIS working group
  • IRIS Future outlook: ‘IRIS goes ISO’ by 2017 / 2018

Course participants have come from companies including HÜBNER, Evac Train, GHH-BONATRANS and Harting.

For more information, including the course schedule, price list and registration template, please visit the CC-Rail website.