Forging of asymmetric rails for switches, turnouts and crossings are done on Hydraulico’s full automatic computer controlled forging line. This includes a 5,000t press and advanced die technology, as well as heating and rail handling to significantly increase rail quality and lower production costs.

The advanced rail forging line has the following features:

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • High-capacity production line: 4-8 rails an hour
  • Hardness of rail head same or better than the mother rail
  • Machining only on rail head and under foot

Benefits of implementing the advanced rail forging line include a 75% reduction in manpower, 65% decrease in milling and a saving of more than 50% in energy costs. The product also produces a narrower hazard zone and very little drop in hardness levels in the rail material.

Three press rail forging operation with one heating

To reach the desired shape of rail, only one quick heating followed by three forging steps is needed. A flash trim die can be included and no reheating is required. The rail is handled by a group of computer-controlled manipulators that quickly and accurately lift, turn and feed the rails into the press.

The manipulators operate in perfect coordination and execute all three press operations within 90 seconds.

Fully automated production line

The complete automation of the production line also provides the operator with full control of the entire production, including temperature-controlled heating, press forces and speeds, as well as accurate rail positioning in the dies.

All rail lifting and handling is performed by sturdy-build manipulators and the operator monitors, control and optimise all elements of the production process using only one control panel, resulting in a clean and safe working environment.