Where the transportation of passengers in trains is concerned, door systems have to meet the highest requirements with regard to reliability and passenger safety.

With this in mind, GUMMI-WELZ has developed a safety system for power-operated door systems in public transport vehicles with a registered utility model.

The new and unique GUMMI-WELZ finger protection profile with an integrated light curtain and safety contact edge intelligently combines the various benefits of the systems that have been available on the market up to now.

The profile sets new safety standards by being the first product of its kind to provide a protective effect right at the source of danger at the door’s leading edge.

The fully automated SITRANS alpha® S1-Rail light curtain from the company SITRON is responsible for the non-contact door monitoring procedure used within our product.

This well-established system has been in successful operation all over the world for many years and over 30,000 units have already been installed.

Some of the features of this system, which is approved for use as a safety device in railway vehicles, include:

  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Fully automated sensitivity adjustment
  • The ability to detect even the smallest of objects
  • Fully automated compensation for misalignments and soiling
  • Protection against extraneous light

The innovative system solution meets the requirements for non-contact anti-trap protection and the drag detection of small objects in accordance with the standards VDV 111 and EN 14752.

The system also optimally meets the requirements of the German Federal Railway Authority, which stipulates that individuals and objects are not permitted to be touched or trapped.

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