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Rubber Sealing for Anti-drag Detection in Rail Door Safety Systems

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GUMMI-WELZ provides innovative anti-drag and anti-trap detection systems, and customised finger protection guards for train doors.

The company specialises in rubber sealing systems with electric switches and light curtains, as well as LED light passenger guidance for public transport. Drag detection door solutions include innovative rubber safety edges with integrated sensors and light curtains for automatic passenger detection.

Finger protection profiles: anti-pinch sensors and non-touch detection

GUMMI-WELZ’s innovations in rubber seals and contact edges are designed to make public transport safer.

Door safety systems help reduce risks and improve passenger safety, with the ability to detect small objects that obstruct doors.

GUMMI-WELZ door sensors are integrated into the rubber seals on all types of train and bus doors.
The electrical safety switches in the rubber door seals have been developed with increased sensitivity to contact from passengers.
All train door safety systems can be incorporated into an all-in-one solution in the door's rubber seal.
The infrared light curtain can open train doors automatically when passengers are detected in the doorway, ensuring their safety.
The non-contact door safety system can be fitted with LED lights to provide guidance to passengers when boarding or leaving the train.
As the system is installed in the door seal, it improves its accuracy in detecting passengers standing closer to the exit.

GUMMI-WELZ safety products are available for new rail cars and upgrades on inward-swinging, outward-swinging, folding or sliding plug door systems.

Safety edges for anti-trap protection in rail doors

GUMMI-WELZ has developed electrical safety contact switches that are 30% more sensitive to pressure than standard tensions. When the contact switch is activated by a passenger’s hand, it keeps the door open or opens it again if closing.

Combined with the company’s expertise in designing the suitable rubber profile, this allows the finger protection solution to accurately detect small objects, even on the floor by the edge of the door.

The solutions are suitable for all types of train doors, including straight, curved and angled shapes.

Infrared light curtain grids for non-touch obstacle detection

With the tactile rubber systems, passengers have to make contact with the rubber to open train doors. However, the latest product in GUMMI-WELZ’s rubber sealing line includes a light curtain and electrical switch.

The curtain uses an infrared light grid to detect any obstructions in the doorway when it is shutting. All tests of the system show that is has a higher sensitivity to people or objects in the ‘blind areas’ of the door, especially when it is integrated into the rubber finger protection system.

The light beam system has successfully passed testing in all environmental conditions.

Passenger guidance with LED lights in door seals

A fluorescent lighting system uses light and sound to direct passenger flow and ensure safety on busy services. The LED lights can guide passengers and help prevent them from obstructing closing doors.

Integrated into the rubber seal of train doors, the GUMMI-WELZ system lights the edge of the door to help passengers boarding or alighting by showing a green light when passengers can enter, yellow for a warning and red when the door is closed. This is designed to help streamline passenger flow on platforms.

Safety solutions for refurbished and new rail door systems

There are a number of advantages to using the rubber-integrated system. Train operators have stated that the system offers lower total cost of ownership, as the system offers an all-in-one solution with less maintenance.

As a plastic strip covers the light grids, transmitter, and receiver, there is less chance of the system being damaged from vandalism. This also means that it is safer for passengers as there is no danger of them tripping.

LED lighting and audio alerts can help improve guidance for partially sighted or hearing impaired passengers.

GUMMI-WELZ products meet all necessary certifications, including EN50155, EN45545-2, EN50126, EN50128, EN50121-3-2, EN14752.


Established in Ulm, Germany, GUMMI-WELZ has been researching innovations in rubber and door seals for trains and buses since 1946. The company continues to work on enhancing its customised rubber seals to improve safety on public transport.

Production and service sites are located in Germany, Poland, and Turkey. The GUMMI-WELZ group employs approximately 400 people.

Please use the enquiry form to get into contact for more information about the company’s products.

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