CETEST is a specialist in EMC testing for the railway industry. We measure and monitor electromagnetic emissions (conducted, inducted or radiated) according to the main international standards, including EN 50121, EN 50238, EN 50500 and EN 50592.

Laboratory tests for verification of standalone components such as traction converters, TCUs, as well as field tests for a full vehicle or infrastructure electromagnetic compatibility verification. Measurements and monitorisation for research and development (R&D), surveillance and homologation purposes. Some examples include:

  • Field radiated EMI tests focus on characterising the levels of radiated electromagnetic fields emitted from the vehicle to the exterior. The magnetic and electric fields recorded are evaluated against the limits established in EN 50121.
  • Track circuit compatibility test is designed to evaluate the total harmonic content generated by the vehicle and introduced into the rail network in accordance with EN50121 and TS 50238. The recorded current signals are evaluated against the limits defined for the particular track circuits used within the project.
  • Measurement of psophometric current helps evaluate the effective interference introduced by power equipment in an analogue telephone line as per EN 50121.
  • Axle counter-compatibility tests are designed to assess the compatibility between the rolling stock and the axle counter detectors.
  • The magnetic fields generated by the on-board equipment are measured by magnetic loop antennas and evaluated against specific axle counter limits.
  • Exposure to magnetic fields is assessed by measuring the static and AC magnetic fields generated within the vehicle in accordance with EN 50500. These magnetic fields are then compared against the European international commission on non-ionizing radiation protection (ICNIRP) health and safety guidelines or other specifications.

CETEST performs EMC test campaigns across the entire planet, meeting the expectations of our global clients.

All of our equipment is portable and essentially consists of voltage sensors, Rogowski current coils, different speed and resolution data acquisition systems for harmonic emission testing and magnetic field antennas, electric field antennas, spectrum analysers and electromagnetic interference (EMI) receivers for radiated emission testing.


At CETEST, we help our clients analyse aerodynamic phenomena related to train performance.

CETEST is specialised in several types of aerodynamic tests: slipstream effect, head pressure pulse, maximum pressure variation in tunnels and resistance to motion, amongst others. These tests are performed in accordance with the stipulations of the standards EN14067-4, EN14067-5 and LOC & PAS TSI 2014.

Climatic testing

CETEST provides expertise in the field of HVAC and ventilation. We can help during the homologation process as well as to resolve issues related to the HVAC system.

Testing capabilities include:

  • Vehicle heat transfer test.
  • Vehicle pressurisation and leak detection
  • Air balance testing
  • Functional tests of different components subjected to extreme climatic conditions
  • Performance evaluation of full HVAC systems
  • Thermal comfort
  • Full-scale mock-ups for climatic simulations