HANZI provides a range of elastic rail clips and  tension clamps.

Elastic rail clip material is made of spring steel such as 60Si2Mn, 60Si2Cr, 38Si7.

The size ranges mainly include 14mm, 16mm,18mm and 20mm clips that are used on different sizes of rails.

Below rail elastic clips are available:

  • E1609, E1813, E1817, E2001, E2005, E2007, E2055: PR clip
  • SKL1, SKL2, SKL3, SKL12, SKL14: Russian spring clip, fast clip

Rail clamps

HANZI supplies a wide range of rail clamps.

Casted and forged rail clamps mainly used in crane rails or heavy rails.

They have bolted and welded clamp difference.

The company can recommend the most suitable clamp according to your usage environments.



Fill out the enquiry form with details of your elastic clip or clamp specification.