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Light, Heavy and Crane Rail Track Fastening Systems

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HANZI is a China-based joint venture, manufacturing and exporting high-quality fastening systems for light, heavy and crane railway tracks.

The company’s railway track accessories include rail clips, fishplates, track bolts, screw spikes, and tie plates.

Boltable and weldable rail clamps

Elastic rail clips are used for fastening track elements on heavy steel rails such as passenger, subway and heavy freight. There is a range of clips available, including ‘E’ and ‘W’ shapes, as well as Russian spring clips. HANZI can produce any elastic rail clip according to customer specifications.

HANZI’s range includes boltable and weldable clamps suitable for light and crane rails. They are used mainly in hoist, mining, seaport, airport, tunnel and industrial rail systems.

HANZI supplies a range of ‘E’ and ‘W’ shaped elastic rail clips for fastening track.
Rail clamps can be bolted or welded to join track rails to baseplates.
HANZI offers a range of rail spikes and bolt fasteners according to client specifications.
The company has a line of standard rail track accessories readily available in stock.
HANZI stocks a variety of baseplates, including single shoulder, double shoulder and hook twin sets.
Fastening systems can be provided for light, heavy and crane railway tracks.
HANZI has exported railway materials to locations in Argetina. Get in touch for more information.
We can export railway supplies worldwide, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
Get in touch to find out more about export of railway materials to Canada.
HANZI offers a wide range of rail components across India.

Fishplates and baseplates for railway tracks

Steel rail fishplates, or joint bars, are used on both heavy and light railway lines. The size and shape of the fishplate are dependent on the rail’s type and weight, and is fastened with fishtail or track bolts.

The production process of steel rail tie plates, also known as baseplates, involves casting, forging and rolling. The process is designed based on the usage environment and customer requirements.

Single shoulder, double shoulder and hook twin tie plates are the most common configurations.

Rail spikes and bolts for fastening tie plates

HANZI manufactures a variety of rail spikes and bolt fasteners suitable for most applications. The range of screw spikes includes railway sleeper and double-ended screw bolts. Track spikes include steel dog, lock and anchor types.

The company’s product range features fish bolts and nuts, as well as square-head fishtail, pyramid-head and T bolts.

If you have an enquiry about a specific type of spike or bolt, fill out the enquiry form on this page to get in touch.

Light, heavy and crane steel rails

HANZI provides a wide selection of international-standard steel rails, including:

  • UIC860-O heavy steel rail: UIC54 and UIC60
  • AREMA American-standard: ASCE25, ASCE30, ASCE40, ASCE60, ASCE75, ASCE85, 115RE and 136RE
  • JIS E1103/1101 Japanese-standard: JIS15KG, JIS22KG, JIS30A, JIS37A, JIS50N, CR73 and CR100
  • South Africa ISCOR standard: 15kg, 22kg, 30kg, 40kg, 48kg and 57kg
  • EN13674-1:2011 railway rail: 54E1, 60E1, 60E2 with Grade R260, R350LHT
  • DIN536 crane railway: A45, A55, A65, A75, A100 and A120
  • GB11264-2012 light rail: 9kg, 12kg, 15kg, 22kg and 30kg
  • YB222-63 standard railway: 6kg, 8kg, 18kg, 24kg
  • GB2585-2007 standard heavy rail: 38kg, 43kg, 50kg
  • YB/T 5055-93 standard crane railway: QU70, QU80, QU100 and QU120


As an ISO9001 certified and China Railway Construction Cooperation Limited qualified overseas-supplier, HANZI has built intensive quality control networks, established strict production rules and inspection standards.

HANZI’s professional and experienced staff carry out all manufacturing procedures, including quality control. The company is a respected distributor of rail parts, which can be created according to international third-party certification such as Bureau Veritas and SGS.

The company distributes steel rail products from state-owned factories across China. The company was one of the first recommended premium railway product suppliers on Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba

HANZI has exported railway components that include steel rails to more than 35 countries across six continents to date. RailBrasil Ferroviaria e Equipmentos is the company’s distributor in Brazil.

Standard products are readily available for urgent requirements. Please complete the enquiry form for more information.

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