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Remote Unit Digital: RUD-5


The RUD-5 has been designed in order to extend radio coverage in various radio networks. Available as a fibre-optic repeater or an off-air repeater, it is suited to numerous areas of use.

COMLAB’s RUD-5 is a multi-band, multiple operator system with up to five independent frequency bands, each of which features multiple operator / technology support, as well as up to 16 sub-bands and 16 providers. The solution has a bandwidth ranging from 50MHz to 2,700MHz. All technologies are merged onto one platform to provide the best data throughput available.

The RUD-5 is a future-oriented system that enables easy operator-specific re-farming of frequency bands. It offers digital sub-band filtering that is channel or band-selective, and only amplifies desired signals with no interferences. The repeater also provides operator-specific automatic gain trailing and control.

The RUD-5 is highly customisable, modular and expandable, with flexible system upgrades and easy exchange of modules.

It provides options for safety, commercial or mixed applications, including:

  • High or medium power class
  • Redundant power supply module (PSM)
  • Redundant fibre-optic module (FOM)
  • Automatic gain-trailing and control
  • Echo cancellation (allows to set higher gain than isolation)
  • Isolation measurement (automatic measurement of the isolation in the set band and path over the whole frequency band; measurements are stored and can be downloaded)
  • Oscillation detection (automatic gain reduction when repeater isolation is too low to set gain value; Automatic stop when isolation is good again)
  • Spectrum scan (automatic generation of a spectrum scan of the set path and band and measurement of all incoming signals with a defined resolution; measurements are stored and can be downloaded)
  • PIM detection (automatic generation of two carriers in the set path and measurement of passive intermodulations in the other path; measurements are stored and can be downloaded)
  • Frequency Shift (possibility to use a different input and output frequency for each sub-band filter. Reduction of the available sub-bands to 15 per digital radio module)
  • External alarm
  • Polygon-based settings
  • Web-based operation and maintenance system (COSweb)
  • Integrated GPS for geo-switching and localisation
  • Mass software upgrades

The RUD-5 has the smallest housing on market. It offers single, three and five-band outdoor housing, as well as 19in rack (RUD19-5) indoor / InTrain housing.

The solution’s supported technologies include:

  • GSM
  • UMTS
  • LTE
  • GSM-R
  • TETRA / Tetrapol
  • AM
  • FM break-in
  • DAB+ break-in
  • UHF
  • VHF

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