Migrate from legacy equipment to the latest TCP/IP networking solutions

The cnReach I/O Expander is used to provide additional I/O for broadband and narrowband networks to meet process control and instrumentation application requirements.

The I/O Expander provides the connectivity necessary to interface directly with sensors, as well as any serial or Ethernet-based data sources.

The expander is compatible with any Cambium radio by using ethernet / Layer 2 connectivity. So, a cnReach, PMP 450i or PTP 670 network can all have additional I/O added at any time. The I/O Expander has the same management interface as a cnReach radio and can be managed by cnMaestro for a complete integrated solution.

Highlights include:

  • Extensive I/O capabilities easing the transition from serial to all-IP networks with two serial ports, two ethernet ports and analogue / digital I/O built-in
  • Eight Analog/Digital I/O Channels: All eight-support analogue and digital input. Analogue inputs with 4mA to 20mA, digital input with built-in pull-up resistors, and digital outputs capable of sinking 2A
  • Compatible with any layer 2 ethernet device such as PMP 450i, PTP 450i, PTP 670 or other cnReach radios
  • Can be daisy-chained together to support more I/O as needed
  • I/O capabilities designed to interface in real-world industrial applications with precision analogue in and out, high current digital inputs and counting features. Internal pull-up and pull-down resistors simplify interfaces to common dry-contact DI’s and 4mA-20mA AI’s and AO’s
  • Serial connectivity via TCP terminal server or client. Flexible configuration to integrate with most serial-based devices in the field today
  • Supported by cnMaestro software for monitoring the status of entire networks carrying traffic across sensors
  • All of these I/O features are available as a built-in option on cnReach radio devices