Bogies/Wheelset Drops

Fixed location equipment drops, sometimes known as bogie or wheelset drops, enable underfloor modules to be removed, maintained or replaced without lifting or splitting the train, permitting simultaneous inspection and cleaning. This makes them particularly beneficial when an unscheduled change is required.

Drop systems involve initial investment in pit construction, but can prove very flexible, incorporating access along an entire road if necessary, allowing bogie change to be completed within two hours and saving time on other underfloor work.

Apparatus grouped together in modules weigh several tonnes and need accurate handling to avoid damage or injury. Basic scissor tables are now being superseded by handlers that facilitate fine adjustment in various axes and may feature optional jigs or fixtures compatible with specific components.

Mechan still produces equipment drops with a traditional scissor action, but depot operators are increasingly favouring its intelligent screw jack mechanism, which significantly reduces pit depth, minimising civil costs.

All of the firm’s bogie changing systems are designed with rail beams that latch into place to ensure the road is safe for depot traffic when the equipment is not in use. They can be supplied with adapters to engage with any type of undercar module and a pit continuation and / or side platforms can also be added, providing complete, uninterrupted access to the underside of the train.