Asset management is a crucial step to improve your company’s performance. Our certified asset management course enables you to make fact-based long-term decisions. And how to maximise your asset values, while lowering costs. As a result you get more competitive prices, a better customer service and finally a more sustainable business operation.

Effective Asset Management Course

ZNAPZ is certified to give effective five-day training to teach effective asset management principles according to recognised international standards. The Institute of Asset Management (IAM, founding father of the ISO 55000 standard) has developed the course. Our training is focused on your own organisation, to enable direct implementation of principles learned.

Contents of the Asset Management training course

The course will focus on different aspects of Asset Management:

  • Policies and strategies to take
  • Risk management
  • Lifecycle management
  • Information requirements
  • Financial and business impact

What you will learn from this Asset Management course

You will learn essential skills, including:

  • How to apply Asset Management tools to your personal business situation
  • The importance of reliable data
  • How to guarantee high data quality
  • How to implement Asset Management principles, according to ISO 55000 standards, into your own organization.

Is this certified Asset Management training for you?

This course is ideal for anyone new to Asset Management as well as those having some experience.

Do you want to improve your business results and maximise your asset values? Please fill in the contact form for extra information regarding course dates and fees and register for our course!

To find out more, download the Asset Management training brochure below.