Wuppertal Suspension Railway in Germany has deployed the latest version of Alstom’s Atlas European train control system (ETCS).

As part of the agreement with WSW mobil, Alstom fitted the entire suspended route with the ETCS train control system, including 31 new trains and a 100-year-old wagon Kaiserwagen.

This was Alstom’s first full train contract in Germany. It included radio block centres (RBS), line-side equipment and other required line elements.

Alstom Germany and Austria MD Jörg Nikutta said: “With the successful implementation of this project, Wuppertal is the first city in Germany to use the European train control system in urban transport.

“ETCS does not only provide for safer and more efficient train operation, but also serves as a basis for many future technologies.”

Alstom replaced the existing trackside train detection systems with a digital signalling system. This enables the vehicles to inform the RBC of their position directly through radio.

The Atlas system was developed in Belgium in Charleroi. Other components of the system were made in France and Italy at Alstom sites.

In 2017, Bombardier Transportation and its German joint venture (JV) InoSig began upgrade works on several electrical interlocking units at Wuppertal station in Germany.

The upgrade initiative saw the company replace three 40-year old electrical interlocking units, which formed an important part of the rail signalling system.