Malaysia’s RA Integration Links Sdn Bhd (RAILSB) has awarded a $23.06m (MYR 96.27m) contract to Vsolar Group to procure and supply parts for the overhaul of light rail vehicles (LRV).

RAILSB will renew 50 sets of six-car LRV that operates on the Ampang light rail transit route.

Vsolar will provide assistance to RAILSB to gather all the required equipment and tools to complete the overhaul work.

Following the completion of procurement activities, Vsolar will be compensated by RAILSB through a financing deal with Bank Pembangunan Malaysia.

RAILSB recently won a maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) contract to refurbish 50 sets of Ampang six-car LRV. 

This marked the first collaboration for both firms.

Vsolar aims to play the role of a catalyst for client firms to help them meet their environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) objectives.

Vsolar executive director Koo Kien Yoon said: “This is in line with Vsolar’s management initiative for 2022, which is to divert its focus to ESG positive impact projects.

“This current procurement project runs for five years. It is a project that will impact the lives of millions of people who are staying in Klang Valley. No doubt, trains are one of the best transportation methods provided by the government and our team intends to keep it running at its best to continue serving the people.”

RAILSB, a wholly owned Bumiputra firm, offers engineering solutions and services and is a system provider for all rail operators in Klang Valley, including LRT, MRT and KTMB.

In August last year, Malaysia-based rolling stock manufacturer and maintenance service provider SMH Rail Sdn Bhd unveiled its latest H10 Series locomotives.