Vivarail has introduced a battery-powered train in the US by retrofitting railcars with Lithion Battery’s Valence battery modules.

This initiative is part of a Railroad Development Corporation (RDC)-backed rail pilot project called Pop-Up Metro.

Pop-Up Metro initiative aims to increase the size of the rail transit market by allowing metropolitan areas with current light-density rail freight lines to undertake demonstration operations on a speedy timeline.

RDC chairman Henry Posner III said: “A lot of urban areas in this country have underutilised freight lines that could also support transit service.

“People might not have considered these opportunities because it’s been perceived as too expensive, too lengthy and too risky. With Pop-Up Metro, you can do that project quickly on a demonstration basis.”

Vivarail’s train is believed to be the first lithium iron phosphate powered train to run in the US.

Lithion Battery’s Valence battery modules are currently being manufactured at a new centre situated in Henderson, Nevada.

Pop-Up Metro and Vivarail team now plan to demonstrate the battery-powered trains to customers in the US including private developers who may include rail into their projects and interested public transportation systems.

British rolling stock manufacturer Vivarail focuses on the development of battery trains and systems.

The company has developed Class 230 and Class 484 trains, utilising several power systems. Its first pure battery train was unveiled in 2018.

Last month, Vivarail announced plans to unveil its battery train at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) alongside Network Rail.