Transmashholding (TMH) has held a shipment ceremony for five metro trains delivered to Uzbekistan’s rapid transit system, Tashkent Metro, at its Mytishi Plant near Moscow, Russia.

The ceremony was witnessed by the Uzbekistan Ambassador to Russia Botirjon Asadov, Tashkent Metro head Oybek Khudoykulov and other officials.

TMH subsidiary was awarded a contract in October last year for the delivery of five four-carriage metro trains to Tashkent metro.

As per Tashkent metro’s requirements, the rolling stock has been modified with a range of technical features. The rolling stock has a 30-year lifecycle period.

Tashkent Metro’s trains have been fitted with ‘low-strain wheels with noise dampening, contemporary asynchronous traction drives, noise isolation and insulation’.

The pass-through design trains also feature 1,400mm doorways, which are larger than earlier models.

In addition, each of the Model 81-765.5/766.5/767.5 trains come with two head motorised carriages, as well as one intermediate motorised carriage and intermediate non-motorised carriage.

Under the terms of the contract, spare parts and customer consultation for maintenance will also be provided to Tashkent Metro.

Furthermore, the trains are installed with a new system for opening and closing the door.

The head cars have ‘accessible areas’ and the carriages are equipped with ‘air conditioning, ventilation and air purification’.

TMH has shipped more than 20 metro trains to Uzbekistan since 1977.