A train derailment in the eastern part of Scotland has killed three people and injured six others.

The incident happened when a ScotRail service from Aberdeen to Glasgow Queen Street derailed near Stonehaven, south of Aberdeen.

The train driver, a conductor and a passenger lost their lives in the accident.

According to Reuters, aerial footage of the scene has shown that one rail carriage was derailed and lying on one side of the tracks while at least two other coaches overturned.

The train had two locomotives and four carriages.

The cause of the derailment is yet to be ascertained. The British Transport Police has already started its investigations.

However, some reports claim that the train may have hit a landslide as the region recently witnessed severe rain and thunderstorms.

In a tweet, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “My thoughts are very much with those who lost their lives near Stonehaven today, their families, and, of course, those who have been injured in the derailment.”

The train had nine people, including crew, BBC reported after reviewing CCTV data at stations where the service stopped.

The number of passengers was apparently less, due to a government advisory that requests people to avoid public transport to reduce Covid-19 transmission risks.

The UK notably has one of the lowest rates of fatal rail accidents in Europe.

In 2018, the EU’s 28 member states, including the UK, reported 13 rail passenger deaths, Reuters said citing Eurostat data.