Transport for Wales (TfW) in the UK has announced that it will commence the railway line transformational works on the South Wales Metro from 3 August.

When completed, the works will deliver the South Wales Metro, offering an easier and quicker mode of transport in the region.

Earlier this year, TfW finished the rail asset transfer of Core Valleys Lines into its ownership from Network Rail.

This move has led to the partnership of the train operator and railway asset maintainer, which resulted in a ‘one team’ method of approach for the Metro.

Known as vertical integration, this method is said to be in line with the Welsh Government’s aim for the public transport network to be owned or operated by TfW.

The work to build the South Wales Metro will include major infrastructure works such as the electrification of 170km of track, along with upgrades to overhead lines, station and signalling.

At least five new stations will also be constructed.

During the construction phase, TfW will establish alternative travel arrangements for passengers.

This work is expected to last for three years and the public can check the website for information on the progress.

TfW CEO James Price said: “Transport for Wales is absolutely committed to delivering the South Wales Metro and we’ve now moved forward with further transformational works.

“At the start of the year, we opened our Metro Infrastructure Hub at Treforest, as well as starting construction work on our Metro Control Centre at Taff’s Well.

“We’ve been undertaking surveying and design work across the valley railway lines and are now progressing onto the next phase and transforming the railway lines, starting on 3 August 2020.

“We understand the impact of Covid-19 but will be following all relevant safety advice from the Welsh Government as we push forward with our investment programme.”

In June last year, TfW awarded early contractor involvement (ECI) contracts to three engineering and construction companies for associated South Wales Metro projects.

In October 2018, the European Union (EU) awarded £119m to the Welsh Government for the South Wales Metro infrastructure.