Private railroad company Texas Central has signed a $1.6bn contract with Kiewit Infrastructure South (Kiewit) and Mass. Electric Construction (MEC) for the deployment of core electrical systems for a proposed high-speed train project from Dallas to Houston, US.

The scope of the contract covers the deployment of systems such as safety and systems elements, signalling and communications equipment.

Texas Central stated that these systems are a significant element of the N700S Shinkansen technology.

The new project will be modelled on the Japanese Tokaido Shinkansen high-speed rail system, which is run by the Central Japan Railway Company (JRC).

The selection of this system was driven by its status as ‘one of the safest and most punctual train systems in the world’, noted the railroad company.

Texas Central CEO Carlos Aguilar said: “Kiewit and MEC are national leaders in installing complex and large-scale electric systems and have long track records of delivering high-quality rail systems safely and effectively.

“Combining their experience with the safety of an integrated system is essential to the operation of the Texas Central Railroad. Signing this contract is the next step in making the Texas Central Railroad the first high-speed rail system to be implemented in the United States.”

During the six-year construction phase, the proposed train project is expected to generate 17,000 direct job opportunities.

The project will utilise materials worth $7.3bn from US firms across 37 states.

Kiewit and MEC have previously worked on various rail transportation systems in the US, such as projects in Houston, Seattle, Miami, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Washington D.C. and the Los Angeles metropolitan area.