Spanish telecommunications developer Teltronic has secured a contract from Chinese rolling stock manufacturer CRRC to supply TETRA on-board radios for new Monterrey metro trains.

The order involves the delivery of 26 units of Teltronic’s compact RTP-300 on-board radios, which are frequently used in trams and metros, for 26 new trains that will be delivered to the metro in Monterrey, Mexico, by CRRC.

The TETRA radios comply with the EN50155 and EN45545 railway standards.

They offer data and voice services and allow the management of functionalities, including connection to public address and intercom systems, vehicle location through GPS or alarm and event management.

The trains have a capacity for up to 355 passengers and are part of the country’s efforts to improve and modernise the urban transportation system.

With a travel speed of up to 80km/h, these trains will run on the city’s three metro lines.

Teltronic transport business development director Felipe Sanjuán said: “This project allows us to consolidate our relationship with CRRC and reinforces our strategy of seeking alliances with the major integrators that work at a global level; Teltronic has demonstrated its reliability and has worked together with the world’s leading manufacturers and we will continue to pursue this approach and seek new collaborations to access new opportunities.”

The company and CRRC previously worked together for other projects that include SuperVia, the Rio de Janeiro rail transport network.

In 2015, it installed a complete critical communications solution, including its infrastructure, on-board terminals, as well as its CeCoCo control centre solution, for Metrorrey’s urban transport network.