Finnish technology company Teleste has acquired Ermetris, an Italian provider of rail electronics and related services.

The acquisition is expected to bolster Teleste’s position in providing services for rolling stock manufacturers and public transport operators in Italy.

Established in 2011, Ermetris develops electronic products for the public transport sector in Italy and Europe.

The company particularly focuses on delivering passenger information services, public address, on-board internet, video surveillance, passenger counting services, and other transportation products.

More than 500 trains in Italy are currently equipped with Teleste solutions.

In the past, Ermetris has functioned as a local service partner for Teleste in numerous deployment projects.

Teleste rail information solutions business vice-president Jörn Grasse said: “We appreciate the profound experience Ermetris has in the Italian public transport market and regard their competence in rail-specific services and electronics as a valuable asset in serving our railway and public transit customers in the area.

“Today, public transport systems are becoming increasingly complex, and operators need to ensure that their solutions and whole ecosystem function as intended throughout their entire life cycle. Investing in high service capabilities allows us to continue as our customers’ best partner in reaching the target.”

As part of the deal, a new repair competence centre will be established to provide services for both Teleste’s and Ermetris’ public transport customers in Southern Europe.

Ermetris will also continue to work as an independent firm, as part of Teleste’s Video Security and Information business unit.

There will be no planned layoffs as a result of this deal.

In March 2021, Teleste secured an order to provide its onboard technology for Alstom’s Coradia Stream trains in Italy.