Swiss rolling stock manufacturer Stadler has received a contract from Uruguay’s PORTREN to manufacture seven EURO4001 diesel-electric locomotives.

This marks Stadler’s first contract win in Uruguay.

The designing and manufacturing of the locomotives will take place at Stadler’s plant in Valencia, Spain. The deliveries are expected to begin by the end of 2022.

PORTREN is owned by Uruguayan logistics group Christophersen and Spanish company Cointer Concesiones.

In October, UPM selected the consortium comprising Cointer Concesiones and Christophersen, along with Deutsche Bahn International Operations, to operate and maintain freight trains between the port of Montevideo and the new pulp mill at Paso de los Toros.

The new vehicles will move from the new factory to the port, travelling 273km on the route known as Ferrocarril Central.

Each 475m-long convoy comprises one locomotive and 26 wagons carrying wood pulp.

The vehicles will carry fuel and chemicals needed to produce cellulose on its return.

Stadler Valencia CEO Iñigo Parra said: “Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, locomotive rail operators will be able to secure sustainable and profitable rail freight services. Drivers will enjoy a comfortable working environment and lineside neighbours will appreciate the reduced noise and emission levels. We are convinced that our vehicles will contribute to promoting rail transport in Uruguay, as we are already seeing in other South American countries.”

Stadler claimed that EURO4001 locomotives are adapted for freight service particularly.

Equipped with a 2,800kW low-emissions diesel engine, they comply with EU emissions standards.

They also feature two acoustic and heat-insulated driver’s cabs, which have been designed according to the latest ergonomic and safety regulations.