Czech-based rolling stock manufacturer Skoda Group has partnered with Tesmec in order to support sustainable mobility, following an order of 44 electric gearbox-fitted trains expected to be delivered between 2024 to 2028.

Tesmec Rail and the Skoda Group collaborated on two contracts awarded to Tesmec Rail by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana, the first for the supply of four electric-powered trains and the second for the supply of 44 electric gearbox-fitted trains in 2022.

The 44 rail sets also feature the revolutionary bimodal propulsion system, which allows the vehicles to be powered by a diesel engine generator at line 3kV/DC or line 25kV.

For interoperability in Europe, the railway trains will be outfitted with onboard systems ERTMS/ETCS-Level 2 and STM SSC/SCMT BL3.

The partnership formed aims at setting a new standard of sustainable and technologically advanced railway solutions, which is consistent with Tesmec’s ESG strategies of providing a strong propensity for sustainable innovation.

Škoda Group president of components and bus mobility Petr Novotný highlights the Skoda aim of innovating the transport industry: “It is with great pleasure that we, together with Tesmec, a major player in infrastructure technology, embark on a journey to change the transport industry. At Škoda Group, we have always been driven by innovation.

“By equipping Tesmec’s vehicles with our advanced traction equipment, we aim to redefine safety, reliability and comfort in railway transport. This partnership is an important step in our joint efforts to provide seamless transportation solutions that have a minimal impact on the environment.”

According to Skoda Group, the locomotives which feature Škoda Electric equipment provide a new travel relaxation on tracks and comply with the newest standards and regulations including valid Technical Specifications for Interoperability fulfilment.

President and CEO of Tesmec Ambrogio Caccia Dominioni explains the challenges of sustainability upkeep within businesses and highlights how the partnership with Skoda enhances Tesmec’s ESG credibility: “When we talk about the future, sustainability and innovation are the two pillars: a winning combination between technological development and compliance with environmental policies.

“The challenge of green and sustainable technologies represents a great opportunity for an international company like Tesmec Group. There are many changes to face. Therefore, we require accurate planning, ‘technological curiosity’ and strategic collaborations such as the one with Škoda. It’s a path that we will continue to follow with ever greater conviction.”

Furthermore, this collaboration aligns with the goals of the European Union Agency for Railways, which envisions a sustainable, safe European transportation system without frontiers.