The UK’s Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) has announced that it is funding ten new projects, which will aid in using data to boost performance and oversee short-term planning.

The rail industry is said to face some challenges amid the Covid-19 pandemic as the UK resumes the use of rail as a major form of transport.

RSSB stated that it is working with operators to ensure that the trains are managed on time while offering a safe and reliable service.

The organisation has set aside around £4m for the funding of ten ‘innovative data-focussed projects’ that will boost the performance in the future.

In order to predict and mitigate delays, data analytics and machine learning techniques will be implemented to develop new solutions.

In a separate development, Dynamic Train Planning is providing funding for three innovative demonstration projects.

Rail minister Chris Heaton-Harris said: “While the current guidance means people should not be using our railways wherever possible, work must continue to build a more reliable and punctual service for the future.

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“Harnessing data and new technology is crucial to modernise and improve our transport network, and we are determined to drive innovation through competitions like this. These projects will help the industry tackle bottlenecks, delays and improve accessibility, and I look forward to seeing the crucial role they can play in improving journeys for passengers.”

In October 2019, RSSB teamed up with Network Rail to co-fund the Data Sandbox+ research competition.