Rail Baltica’s joint venture RB Rail has awarded a contract to 3TI Progetti Italia and Yuksel Proje as reviewers for the Rail Baltica technical design in Latvia.

Under the contract, which is valued at nearly $3m (€2m) excluding VAT, the firms have agreed to carry out the evaluation of construction project solutions and provide construction expertise for the rail line.

The firms have also received an opportunity to enter a contract in the previously announced open competitions regarding the technical design review and design services for Rail Baltica in Lithuania and Estonia.

The contract is expected to come into effect during the initial master design stage and will last until the completion of the detailed technical design.

According to the contract, the review services will be implemented according to the guidelines of the national legislation and Rail Baltica Design.

These services will be carried out for every design priority section and construction objective.

This will be examined to ensure that it is in line with the requirements of the national legislation and regulations, detailed technical design technical specification, as well as building permits.

In addition, the compliance of the design will be evaluated in accordance with the affected party technical conditions and other applicable project and national standards.

Commencing from the date of signing the contract, the provision of the services is expected to last for 20 months.

Last week, RB Rail opened the first public tender to procure cableway components for the construction of the Rail Baltica railway main line.

The $55.35 (€46m) contract came as part of the first phase of the initial public consolidated material framework procurement.