The $55.35 (€46m) contract will come under the first phase of the initial public consolidated material framework procurement.

The public procurement will cover the delivery of the cableway materials and components such as multi ducts, cable channels, cable ducts, manholes and other auxiliary elements.

RB Rail studied the supplier market before planning the public procurement.

This study was carried out with an aim to get added insights on the key benefits from the centralised component supply.

The final submission date of the applications for the procurement of consolidated material is 31 May.

RB Rail chief programme officer Mark Loader said: “A project of the scale of Rail Baltica provides the opportunity to achieve major benefits from carrying our procurements for common materials and components for use across the whole 870km of the railway. We are delighted to launch the first of many tenders for these consolidated procurements. We hope that suppliers will recognise the scale of this opportunity and provide strong tenders for this and upcoming tenders.”

RB Rail had previously stated that it will focus on the commencement of large-scale construction works in all Baltic nations this year.

The JV is currently preparing for the public procurements of railway supplies and components.

Last month, RB Rail selected an engineering service provider (ENE Engineer) for the development of its global project energy subsystem.

Valued at (€23.2m), the contract was awarded following an international tender to an association comprising DB Engineering and Consulting; IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture; and Italferr.