RB Rail has awarded Spanish firm IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture the contract to provide design and supervision services for the construction of the line between Pärnu and Rapla.

The contract was the first of seven ongoing procurements for the design works on the Rail Baltica mainline.

RB Rail received four bids for the contract, of which IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture’s proposal was the most economical.

The company submitted a proposal with a total contract price of €6.802m excluding VAT.

The official contract will be signed next month, following the completion of all due procedures with accordance with public procurement law.

“The company submitted a proposal with a total contract price of €6.802m excluding VAT.”

RB Rail acting CEO Ignas Degutis said: “Announcing the winner of the first detailed technical design tender on the main line is a significant milestone for the Rail Baltica Global Project.

“We are satisfied with the experience and calibre of the selected company. It will bring the expertise from the Spanish high-speed rail, the longest high-speed rail network in Europe operating with maximum design speed 310 km/h.”

IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture will provide design services for the construction of the railway substructure, superstructure and associated civil structures for the 71km section of the Rail Baltica line in Estonia.

The scope of works includes site investigations, value engineering, devising master design and detailed technical design for rail line section.

Furthermore, the company will provide design supervision services during the construction period.

The Pärnu-Rapla section is expected to comprise 16 road viaducts, six railway viaducts, nine animal passages and four railway bridges.

RB Rail has launched seven out of 11 procurement procedures for the detailed technical design works.