The Port Authority Transit (PATCO) in the US has completed its $194m rail car overhaul project that involved refurbishing 120 train cars.

The project is said to be the largest rolling stock capital expenditure by PATCO, concluded after the last pair of overhauled trains entered into services this week.

All the PATCO cars were overhauled by Alstom Transport in Hornell, New York.

The scope of upgrades included new interiors to feature higher ceilings, slip-resistant floors and seats to provide greater passenger comfort.

The cars are also equipped with heating and air conditioning systems to ensure comfortable journeys in all seasons.

“The project is said to be the largest rolling stock capital expenditure by PATCO.”

A passenger alarm system with intercom has been provided on the trains for greater security. The intercom will enable passengers to contact the train operator during emergencies.

Furthermore, several mechanical improvements have been carried out, including overhauling the car brakes to allow swift halt and additional stability of operations.

The refurbished cars also feature multiple new communications systems, including a public address system with automatic announcements, a noise-sensing microphone and better speakers, as well as a video advertising and infotainment system.

External speakers were provided so that announcements made from the train can be heard by the passengers on station platforms.

PATCO general manager John Rink said: “PATCO is showing its commitment to providing safe and efficient train service, as well as extending the life of our assets as we begin the next 50 years of service.”

PATCO operates a rapid transit system, known as PATCO Speedline. The system runs between Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Camden County, New Jersey.