The UK Department for Transport’s High-Speed Rail (HS2) project has selected virtual data room and financial documents provider Imprima to deliver an online payment portal and USB-archived database.

The Imprima USB-archived database will contain the environmental statement for the HS2 project.

The selection is in line with the government’s decision to share the hybrid high speed rail bill for phase I of HS2 from London to West Midlands with interested parties.

"Simple access to these documents was crucial."

Imprima has compressed several sensitive files, which have been indexed and mapped onto USB memory sticks to allow for easy access.

This has allowed HS2 to provide public access to a well structured file system, as well as ensured that the data was presented identically to the HS2 website.

Imprima CEO Torgny Gunnarsson said: "We are delighted to be chosen by HS2 Ltd as a partner to assist with the secure sharing of a number of highly sensitive documents related to the HS2 project.

"Simple access to these documents was crucial and iRooms, our award-winning virtual data room service, proved an ideal and reliable solution."

An iRooms-based secure online payments gateway was also created to allow easy purchase of the bill and supporting documents by interested parties.