Russian rail manufacturer Transmashholding has finished testing its TEM35 shunting diesel locomotive with a hybrid power unit.

Manufactured at the Bryansk engineering plant, the locomotive made a run for 300 hours while hauling a 7,000t trainset over a classification hump, which marks an improvement when compared with the old locomotives that could only haul trains weighing up to 6,000t.

"The TEM35 has a variety of benefits versus other locomotives."

The TEM35 is made with asynchronous traction motors and uses up to 30% less fuel when compared with other locomotives.

Depot Bryansk-2 driving instructor Andrey Schelokov said: "The TEM35 has a variety of benefits versus other locomotives, such as windows mounted at an angle of 10°, improved traffic safety due to all-round view, a comfortable working environment setup for drivers, a windshield defroster and other advanced features."

In July, Transmashholding announced that it will demonstrate its 4ES5K AC electric freight locomotive and the 2ES5, the first Russian AC electric freight locomotive with asynchronous traction motors.

By using the new electric freight locomotives, heavy-tonnage trains can be hauled on railway tracks across the nation.