Therm-Omega, designer and manufacturer of self-actuated temperature control valves, has launched a new freeze protection valve for passenger cars called PC/FP.

The valves are used to prevent train cars from freezing without using any electricity or other infrastructure.

The freeze protection valve opens as ambient temperature around the valve approaches freezing, draining the water-bearing systems and preventing freeze damage.

The valves are also available with an optional heater, which can be installed over the thermal actuator to allow the valve to heat up and close quickly.

The PC/FP heater assembly features include spring-loaded mounting clip for quick and easy installation / removal with one hand or work gloves, standard power cord / plug to fit standard 120V three-prong grounded outlets, pilot light on top of heater assembly and self-limiting heater that cannot overheat or damage the thermal actuator or valve.

The company claims that the valves also help locomotives to save fuel and energy, as prior to the development the only way to avoid expensive freezes in the locomotive’s system was to keep the engines running.